What Are the Benefits of Buying a New HVAC System?

Buying a new air conditioner or heating system is a big step for most homeowners in the Montgomery, AL area. While it’s a major home improvement project and a significant financial investment, the benefits of new HVAC system equipment truly are worth your while.

In our most recent blog, the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality experts at Hans Heating and Air explain what new HVAC equipment will do for your home and family.

Key Benefits of New HVAC Systems

Replacing your home’s older air conditioner or furnace is a choice that offers more positives than most people realize. When you choose new heating and cooling equipment for your home, the project pays you back with:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Environmental protection
  • Peace of mind

Higher Energy Efficiency

If your household uses older heating and cooling equipment, who knows how efficiently it’s operating these days! HVAC units can lose efficiency as they age, plus, system energy-efficiency ratings five to 10 years ago are nowhere near where they are today! Replacing these old dinosaurs with new heating and cooling equipment results in much higher efficiency levels!

Lower Energy Costs

When you use a heating and air conditioning system that runs at a higher-efficiency level than your existing system, the energy savings are instant and they keep on going! This lowers your monthly utility bills now and over the life of the system. Depending on how much of an efficiency improvement you made between the old and new unit, you could save a little or a whole lot. Either way, these savings are money in your pocket that help the system pay for itself over time.

Environmental Protection

If your air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, it probably uses R-22 refrigerant. This chemical has since been phased out of production since it depletes the ozone layer. Units built in 2010 and later contain environmentally friendly alternative refrigerants that won’t pose a danger to the environment should your HVAC system suffer a refrigerant leak. 

In addition to safer refrigerants, the improved energy efficiency of new HVAC systems also benefits the environment. These units use less electricity to run, so more energy is saved and your home’s carbon footprint is reduced.

Peace of Mind

Older heating and air conditioning systems often become unreliable, which is what leads many homeowners to replace them. The long-term benefits of new HVAC system installation include better comfort and peace of mind, thanks to reliable system performance. New units aren’t likely to suffer a breakdown anytime soon, and they do a better job of keeping your home comfortable. Plus, a new manufacturer’s warranty provides protection should something go wrong with your new system over the next number of years.

Experience the Benefits of New HVAC System Equipment in Your Montgomery Home

Hans Heating and Air wants every homeowner to experience the benefits of new HVAC system equipment – they’re just that good! Explore the options with our team and find the new heating and cooling units that make a perfect fit for your family. Contact Hans to request an estimate for heating and cooling replacement today.

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