Should I Use a Whole House Humidifier in the Winter?

It’s no secret that the South can be a humid place, especially during the summer months. You’d think we get enough humidity in the summer to last us all year, but that isn’t the case! During the winter months, homes can benefit from some added humidity. Installing a whole house humidifier adds necessary moisture and keeps relative humidity levels balanced to deliver unmatched comfort inside your Montgomery, AL, residence. Contact Hans Heating & Air today to install the best whole house humidifier for your home.

What Is a Whole House Humidifier?

You’re probably familiar with portable humidifiers that can be purchased at home improvement stores or department stores. You sit them in a single room, fill them up, and they add humidity to the surrounding air. Whole house humidifiers offer expanded capacities, with the ability to treat all of the air in your home using your HVAC system!

Whole home humidifiers are installed on the HVAC system’s ductwork. As air circulates through the ducts to the heating system, it also passes through the humidifier. A water panel adds moisture to the air before air cycles back into your living areas.

Why Use a Humidifier in Winter?

Winter air is naturally much drier than air in the summertime, and there may not be enough natural moisture in the air to keep everyone comfortable indoors. The best humidifier adds the proper level of moisture to ensure comfort while keeping moisture levels balanced to prevent high indoor humidity levels.

Avoid Dry Air Health Issues

The winter’s dry air can encourage the growth of bacteria and the spread of allergens, as well as viruses. These particles are able to circulate more efficiently in dry air, spreading from room to room, and affecting all in your home via the indoor air supply. Air that is extremely dry also robs your body of many natural defenses that fight off infections by drying out mucus in your sinuses. Family members are more susceptible to illness, allergies, asthma triggers, and respiratory issues when the air is dry. Nosebleeds from dry nasal passages, dry skin, itchy eyes and throat, and other issues affect the body when there isn’t enough moisture in your home’s air.

The best whole house humidifier replenishes moisture to prevent dry air issues. Bacteria and viral particles do not spread as efficiently when air is more humid. Moisture in the air keeps the sinuses from drying out to help the body avoid illness and stay comfortable.

Improve Indoor Comfort & Air Quality

With the right amount of moisture in your home’s air, your family will feel more comfortable with less reliance on the HVAC system! Moisture helps hold heat close to the body for warmth. A whole house humidifier also allows you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees to cut back on heating and save energy without sacrificing warmth. Balanced moisture levels improve air quality, helping everyone feel more comfortable and breathe easier indoors!

Less Maintenance

The best humidifier requires much less maintenance than portable models, which require frequent water refills. With dedicated water supply lines, you never have to refill the unit’s water reservoir. Whole home humidifiers do not require frequent cleaning, filter changes, or disinfection like portable units – they can be cleaned annually, and the water panel should be replaced prior to the start of humidification season.

Call Hans for Humidifier Installation

Ready to boost indoor comfort this winter? The indoor air quality pros at Hans Heating & Air can set you up with the best whole house humidifier to run effortlessly with your heating system or on its own! Stay healthy, use less energy, and improve indoor comfort this winter! Contact us today to request more information about the installation of a whole home humidifier in your Montgomery, AL, home.

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