Common Heating Myths That Can Actually Raise Energy Bills

People are always looking for quick tips and tactics that will make their lives easier, cut their expenses, and/or save their time. When it comes to your home heating costs, while we want our homes to be comfortable and cozy, we would certainly rather spend our money on the latest trend, cutting-edge kitchen supplies, or that vacation we’ve been eyeing for months. Whatever our unique tastes and wants, we can all agree that we aren’t dying to pour money into our power bill or HVAC system.


This age-old struggle of keeping your home warm without breaking the bank has produced a lot of advice that’s filled with half-truths, myths, and out-right lies.


3 Common Myths You’re Probably Guilty Of:


Jacking It Up. You walk in the house after work and it’s freezing—so you quickly jack the thermostat up to 85 degrees, mistakenly believing that the higher the temperature setting, the quicker your house will be heated. Wrong. Think of your thermostat as an accelerator, not cruise control. If you crank it up to 85 degrees, the thermostat is going to accelerate until it reaches 85 degrees, and the minute the temperature in your house dips to 84 or below, it will accelerate again. The result? Your house doesn’t heat up any quicker, but you will quickly be heating your house beyond a desirable temperature, expending unnecessary energy, and wasting money.


Leaving It Up. A lot of people have hung onto the phrase, “It’s cheaper to keep your house at a steady temperature than to raise and lower it.” False. If your system is running, you’re using energy—and paying for it. Lower the temperature while you’re away, then raise it when you come home.


Using the Fireplace as a Money Saver. Nope. We’re not saying that a wood fireplace in the winter isn’t nice and relaxing, but in terms of heating your house, it sucks—it literally sucks up all of the hot air that your HVAC system is distributing and sends it straight out through the chimney. Not to mention the money you paid for the firewood…So, enjoy the fire for the sound of the fire crackling, the smell of the wood burning, and the ambiance of the firelight—not for the money or energy savings.

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