Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

How Often Should My Commercial HVAC System Receive Maintenance

Unexpected system breakdowns can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient. The best way to avoid this happening is to have your HVAC system serviced regularly. 

At Hans, we recommend that commercial HVAC systems should be serviced at least twice a year. A tune-up should typically be done at the beginning of the summer to make sure cooling is working optimally and just before winter to ensure the heating components are in good order. 

If your system is complex and works continually, we advise having checks done even more regularly. Doing an extra two checks a year may be a good idea in such cases. But Hans can advise you about the best maintenance schedule for your individual requirements.  

Get in touch with our team to prevent sweltering in summer and freezing in winter due to a system breakdown, not to mention the expenses involved.

The Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Montgomery, AL

There are several advantages to calling us for routine HVAC maintenance in Montgomery, AL. Some of these benefits include:

Fewer breakdowns and repairs

Having maintenance done routinely can make your HVAC a breeze to keep. You won’t have to call out and pay technicians to attend to undertake emergency breakdowns and repairs. 

Reduced operating costs

A system that is working properly uses less energy, which means lower utility bills and reduced business operating costs. On the other hand, if you notice your bills are going up, it typically means your system needs some attention. 

Increased energy efficiency

Besides being cheaper, a well-maintained system is also more eco-friendly. You’ll do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and lower the environmental impact that comes with running an inefficient HVAC system.

Improved indoor comfort

A system in good condition makes for a more comfortable indoor environment. Your employees will be comfortable and happy, and therefore more likely to deliver on performance.

Extended equipment lifespan

An HVAC unit will last much longer if it is cared for properly, making your system’s installation, maintenance, and repair costs worth the investment. 

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements from Hans

But that’s not all: by signing up for our commercial HVAC maintenance agreement, you receive several VIP benefits:

  • Members receive a three-year warranty on parts and labor for all repairs and a 15% discount on immediate and future repairs.
  • Members also receive the peace of mind guaranteed from same-day priority services
  • Members won’t have to spend extra money on after-hours call-outs.
  • Members even get two seasonal tune-ups at a discounted rate.

Get in touch with us to sign up and benefit from exclusive perks you can’t get anywhere else!

Choose Hans for Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Are you looking for professional, customer service-orientated, and efficient commercial HVAC maintenance services in Montgomery, AL? With highly qualified and experienced technicians, many years serving the local AL community, and exclusive membership benefits, you can’t go wrong when you contact Hans. 

Get in touch with Hans today to schedule service and learn more about how we can keep your HVAC system in the best working order.