Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

We provide a number of HVAC repair services to meet the needs of clients in the community. Below are a few of the commercial HVAC repair services we offer in Montgomery, AL. 


Our team of skilled heating technicians is trained to tackle any challenges you face with heating repairs and installations. No job is too big or small for us to repair. We can fix any issues with your heat pump or furnace to bring the heat back into your business. 

We are here to diagnose any system malfunctions before making repairs to restore your unit to its highest level of performance. We want to make sure you stay warm in winter after a cold day outside, so get in touch with us before the temperatures drop!

Air Conditioning

Sweltering Alabama summers make keeping your AC unit in shape a must. Our technicians can handle any cooling system needs by performing a diagnostics test on your air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless AC system before getting it running again. 

Any performance issues or breakdowns can be handled with fast, same-day service. Your indoor comfort is our priority. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems

The performance of your HVAC system affects the indoor air quality of your business. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality depends on how well your air system is running. 

Indoor air quality systems prevent exposure to air pollutants that get trapped inside and reduce the risk of health concerns. Our technicians provide the best service to guarantee your unit is working properly to prevent a decrease in air quality caused by a system malfunction. 

Types of Industries Hans Services

A properly functioning air and heating system is crucial for businesses and places of gathering to keep everyone in the building comfortable through every season. We know that being inside a room that is too hot or too cold is not only uncomfortable but can be potentially dangerous for someone inside. 

That’s why we aim to help a variety of industries with our commercial HVAC repair in Montgomery, AL. Below is a list of some of the most common commercial buildings we work in to provide quality air and heating services.

  • Medical offices
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools and colleges
  • High-rise buildings
  • Data centers
  • Retail stores
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Property management

Highest Quality Standards In Commercial HVAC System Repair

Why should businesses choose Hans for commercial HVAC repair in Montgomery, AL? Because we treat our technicians and clients like family. All installations and repairs are done with care by our highly trained technicians who care for commercial properties as if they were their own. 

We understand that HVAC maintenance isn’t usually at the forefront of your mind unless the system breaks down. That’s why we offer a friendly reminder to anyone who joins our call list. We offer customer care calls to remind our clients of their biannual tune-ups and recommend unit servicing twice a year.

All of our employees adhere to high standards that we guarantee to meet with every service call. And our 24-hour repair service is guaranteed to bring you comfort, or you don’t pay. We don’t include overtime charges and instead offer a same-day service guarantee. 

And unlike the standard 30-day repair warranty offered by other companies, we offer a 3-year repair warranty when you purchase new equipment. We understand the burden of an unforeseen system malfunction and want you to feel supported for years to come.

Choose Hans for Commercial HVAC Repair Services 

Are you looking for the best commercial HVAC repair in Montgomery, AL? Contact Hans Heating & Air for top-notch workmanship and customer service.

Schedule your next service for commercial HVAC repair in Montgomery, AL, and we’ll start getting your HVAC unit in the best shape for your customers and employees today.