Why a DIY Furnace Tune Up Is Not a Good Idea

Fall is the time of year when many handy homeowners throughout the Montgomery, AL area get to work tackling their home maintenance to-do lists. While furnace maintenance should definitely be on this list, it’s not something you should handle on your own. Yes, there are some maintenance elements you can perform yourself, but a total DIY furnace tune up isn’t advised – the HVAC technicians at Hans Heating and Air explain why.

Why You Should Avoid a DIY Furnace Tune Up

Every good homeowner knows that furnaces and heating systems (as well as air conditioning systems) need annual maintenance tune ups. Furnace tune ups service system components to counteract the damaging effects of wear and tear and make sure all parts run optimally for the months to come.

You may be thinking that a DIY furnace tune up couldn’t be that hard, and you could do it yourself to save some money this season. However, there are several reasons this practice is discouraged. 

1. You Could Damage Your Furnace

A professional furnace tune up involves a multitude of steps, providing essential care and service for the many highly specialized components that work together to deliver heat inside your home. While you may find videos or instructions for a DIY furnace tune up online, these sources won’t tell you everything you need to know about your heating equipment – these are things that come with years of experience and training.

While the steps may appear simple, they are far from it. It takes a good working knowledge of system mechanics and operations to safely access certain furnace components, let alone service them. If you attempt a DIY furnace tune up, you risk causing damage to your heating system by doing things the wrong way, inadvertently harming other parts of the system than the one you intend to work on. If you do something the wrong way, you won’t know how to fix what you’ve done. Though it started out as a way to save a few bucks, a DIY furnace tune up could end up costing you several hundred dollars in repair fees.

2. You Could Compromise Furnace Safety

HVAC system tune ups aren’t just meant to improve the performance of a furnace – they are also a measure to ensure the furnace works safely. If you aren’t familiar with heating systems, attempting to perform a DIY furnace tune up could result in system safety issues that put your family in harm’s way. If your furnace uses natural gas for heating, improper maintenance care on your part could increase the risk of a gas leak. Electrical components could be damaged, sparking a fire. If you damage the flue system, you may cause dangerous carbon monoxide to back up into your house. Carbon monoxide leaks can cause health issues and even be fatal.

3. You May Void Your Warranty

When you buy a new furnace, the manufacturer warranties the system and certain components for a period of time. Should malfunctions occur, the manufacturer covers the cost of the replacement part needed to fix the error. 

Most manufacturers include system maintenance as a condition of the warranty. They often stipulate that maintenance must be performed by a licensed HVAC professional annually to uphold the warranty. If you are not a licensed HVAC professional and you attempt a DIY furnace tune up, you could void your warranty coverage, meaning you’ll be on the hook for costs to repair your system that otherwise would have been covered.

What You Can Do Yourself

While you will want to skip a DIY furnace repair or tune up, there are certain elements of furnace maintenance that are perfectly OK to handle on your own. The maintenance tasks below are things homeowners should do outside of the professional heating tune up service.

  • Check and change the system’s air filter on a regular basis.
  • Keep the area around the furnace clean and free of combustible materials.
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each month, and replace batteries each year.
  • Seal air leaks throughout the house.

Furnace Maintenance Services in Montgomery

Attempting a DIY furnace tune up just isn’t worth the risk – leave this service to a professional HVAC technician! Call Hans Heating and Air today to schedule a furnace tune up, performed by a certified HVAC technician.

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