Signs Your Home Needs Air Duct Repair

When homeowners notice decreased efficiency with their heating and cooling, many will directly correlate the lack of efficiency with the HVAC system itself. Sometimes, however, the problem is really with the air ducts. Responsible for moving cooled or heated air from the HVAC system to rooms within the home, air ducts are critical to the heating and cooling process. However, how do you distinguish issues with the HVAC system from air duct issues that require repairs? We’ll discuss this in our latest blog.

Signs of Air Duct Damage

Uneven Temperatures

When you go from room to room within your home, are you noticing that each room seems to be residing at a different temperature? If so, your ductwork could be at fault. Your ductwork could have clogs or dust and dirt buildup that isn’t allowing your conditioned air supply to properly reach each area throughout your home. 

To resolve this issue and restore proper heating and cooling to your home, make sure to get in contact with a professional.

Rising Energy Bills

While it’s not uncommon to see spikes in your home’s energy bills during certain times of the year, such as during the coldest and hottest months, you shouldn’t see sharp spikes arise out of nowhere. If you do, your ductwork might be at fault. 

Your HVAC system will always try to heat or cool your home to the temperature that you’ve set on your thermostat. If your ductwork isn’t properly circulating air to the rooms within your home, your heating and air conditioning system will stay on longer in an effort to hit the temperature you’ve set. The longer that your system stays on, the higher your energy costs will be.

Mold Growth

Mold has the potential to grow wherever moisture is present in a home. Your air ducts are no different. If there is any moisture in your air ducts, mold could be growing and making the air in your home unhealthy and uncomfortable to breathe. This can grow to become a serious issue, as mold can cause negative health effects.

Strange, Loud Noises

It’s not uncommon to hear noises coming from your system when the system initially starts up before a cycle. But when you hear loud, scary noises coming from your ductwork, you may have a problem on your hands.

These noises could be caused by too much air flowing through your ductwork or extreme differences in pressure that your ductwork shouldn’t be experiencing. 

Increasing Respiratory, Allergy, or Asthma Issues

If anyone within your household is a victim of asthma or allergies and there’s been a sudden increase in symptoms, your ductwork could be to blame. Whether your HVAC filters are clogged and releasing dust into the air or there is mold growing in your ductwork, a professional should be contacted to investigate. 

Signs That You Need Air Duct Repair Services

Ductwork is crucial to the overall heating and cooling process. It’s how heated and cooled air is able to circulate from one room to another. However, when your ductwork begins to exhibit signs of damage, your energy bills could rise and your health could be at stake. Put an end to these worries as soon as possible and call a professional to have your air ducts repaired or cleaned as soon as possible. 

Contact Hans Heating & Air for Air Duct Repair Services

Hans Heating & Air has the expertise and knowledge to repair your ductwork back to its efficient and effective condition. For air duct cleaning or repair services that your Alabama house can depend on, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Hans Heating & Air. We can repair your ducts as well as provide information about our indoor air quality services.

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