Four Common HVAC Problems Solved by Ductless AC

As the temperatures rise or you plan home improvement projects, you face some common HVAC problems. Do you have rooms with uneven temperatures? Have you always wanted the ability to zone control your HVAC system? Is a home addition in the works over the summer? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, read on to learn more about solutions to common HVAC problems with ductless air conditioners or ductless mini split heat pumps.

A ductless air conditioner has two parts: the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is a relatively small, sleek unit mounted to an exterior wall or the ceiling. The indoor unit circulates the air and the outdoor unit houses the condenser coils and refrigerant. 

They connect via a covered pipe system that moves the refrigerant and contains the electrical lines. A ductless air conditioner cools a room without connecting to existing or needing ductwork. A ductless mini split heat pump is the same except it heats and cools. 

Common Locations for Ductless AC Units

Older Homes

A historic or older home often has radiator heat or maybe no central air at all. The expense to retrofit ductwork often discourages homeowners or homebuyers from renovating. Ductless saves the time and expense of installing ductwork. Older and historic homes also have architecture which makes ductwork installation tricky and expensive. Ductless eliminates these concerns. 

South-facing and Sunny Rooms

Have a sunroom you avoid? Take back the room when you boost the air conditioning. With a ductless AC unit, you can enjoy your coffee or a good book without baking. Some homeowners, especially empty-nesters, find using a ductless air conditioner in the two to three rooms used most allows them to keep the central air at a higher temp and stay comfortable.

Unfinished Basements, Garages, Attics, Casitas

Want to finish a basement, create an attic bedroom or work in your garage year-round? Interested in building a “casita” for an elderly relative to live on your property? If you’re unfamiliar, a casita, “granny pod” or “elder cottage” is a small modular house. 

Commonly between 300 and 500 square feet, they sit in a house’s backyard. Ideal for elderly folks with vision or mobility difficulties, they gain in popularity every day as the American population ages. 

They help relatives “age in place” while living close to family and avoiding high assisted living costs. They provide a safety net as well as strengthen familial bonds. A ductless air conditioner or mini split heat pump heats and cools additions like this without ductwork.

Any Home is a Candidate for Ductless Mini Splits

Frankly, any home could benefit from ductless technology. It’s easy to see them as simply a replacement of noisy, inefficient window units but they’re so much more. You could use them for one or a couple rooms, or use them for the whole house. 

Depending on the model, one outdoor AC compressor may connect to up to six indoor air handlers. If you have ever dreamed of a zoned HVAC system to solve your common HVAC problems, a ductless AC might be the answer! 

With a ductless AC unit installation, there is one interior unit for each room or zone in your home. Install them all over your home for a completely zoned HVAC system, or install them as supplemental air conditioners in spaces that need a cooling boost. 

For either use, you want a trusted professional to consult your space and needs and install the systems.

Common HVAC Problems Ductless Air Conditioners Solve

Uneven Temperatures

It is common for homes, especially older homes, to have areas that are cooler and areas that are hotter than the rest of the home. Trying to cool the warmest part of your home leads to areas that are too cold, which results in your air conditioner constantly running on hot summer days. This is not only inefficient; it drives up your energy bills, too.

One solution is to install a ductless air conditioning unit. According to ENERGY STAR, ductless units with the ENERGY STAR label cut your cooling bill by up to 30 percent!

How to Heat and Cool Uninsulated Spaces

Uninsulated spaces in your home, such as an attic room that has been refinished, require additional cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature during the summer. A ductless AC unit is the perfect solution. Even if your space has already been completed, ductless systems are installed with minimal disruption.

Tying Ductwork into Renovations/Additions

Renovations and additions are a great way to expand your home. However, sometimes connecting them to your current HVAC system is cost-prohibitive. Enter the ductless air conditioner. 

These systems operate independently from your current HVAC system, are energy efficient, and affordable. Whether you have added a new sunroom to your home and need air conditioning or you have renovated another living space and it is too large for your current AC to keep up, your solution is often as simple as a ductless AC!

Common HVAC Problems are No Match for Hans Heating and Air

No matter your common HVAC problems, consider a ductless air conditioner as part of your solution. Hans Heating and Air has installed many ductless air conditioning systems over 30 years in business. We evaluate your home and offer the best solutions to meet your needs. 

Call us today to schedule your free consultation! We guarantee your satisfaction with our work! The Hans team serves homeowners throughout the Montgomery, Alabama area, including Pike Road, Prattville, Wetumpka, Millbrook and Hope Hull, AL. 

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