Heat Pump Repair

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs to be Repaired

The two-for-one nature of heating and cooling systems like heat pumps make them ideal HVAC systems for homeowners in Montgomery, Alabama. That said, if your heat pump starts to have the following issues, it probably needs to be repaired.

Clanging Noises

Part of what makes heat pumps so popular is their reputation for running quietly. If you hear a clanging or banging sound, it could mean something is loose in your HVAC equipment. Call a quality heating and cooling system repair company that knows a thing or two about fixing heat pumps, like Hans Heating and Air.

Poor Air Flow

Your heat pump needs good airflow to circulate air in and out of your home. If you have a dirty air filter or coil, it could lead to poor airflow. Hans’s suite of HVAC services includes cleaning and inspection of your heating system and cooling system to make sure nothing impedes your home’s cooling and heating needs.

Short Cycling

Is your air conditioning turning on and off frequently? It might be doing that to protect itself from overheating. You will need your heat pump inspected for clogs, frozen components, or loose connections. These problems can lead to short cycling.

Blowing Hot Air When It Should be Blowing Cold Air

If you’re getting hot air from your heat pump system in the middle of the Summer, there’s something wrong with it. It could be a refrigerant leak, a problem with the thermostat, or a clogged filter that could be causing this uncomfortable issue. Don’t suffer in the heat for long, and call for quality repair services.


Benefits of Heat Pump Repair Services

You want your heating and air conditioning unit to run when you need it the most. Getting in touch with a trusted HVAC company at the first sign of trouble is the best way to make sure your family and employees are protected from the extremes of Summer and Winter. Other benefits of getting your air conditioning systems repaired right away include:

  • Saving you on energy costs. A broken heat pump will use more energy which will lead to higher bills
  • Improving your air quality. By replacing and cleaning dirty air filters you remove contaminants from circulation in the air
  • Helping extend the life of your heat pump. When you have repairs done quickly you can avoid extensive damage or worse, resulting in higher repair bills
  • Preparing your home. Maintaining your heat pump will help you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter

Just because your heat pump needs repairs doesn’t mean it’s at the end of its life cycle. Oftentimes, an issue can be resolved with a quick repair. If you have called a different HVAC company in the Montgomery area and they told you you need a new heat pump, call Hans for a second opinion.

Why Choose Hans for Your Heat Pump Repair in Montgomery?

Same-Day Service Guarantee

24.7.365. No overtime fees.

Service That Exceeds Expectations

Whether you’re interacting with our dispatchers, technicians, installers, or any other Hans Air representative, residential and commercial customers will receive the utmost respect, professionalism, enthusiasm, and honesty. We take pride in delivering excellent service at the fair price customers deserve. The heating, air conditioning, and HVAC experts at Hans will provide expert heat pump repair that gets the job done right the first time.

Highly Trained/Skilled/Experienced Installers

We have the best heat pump repair contractors in the industry. Our technicians and installers are well-dressed, well-mannered, clean, reliable, timely, and friendly. Many of our customers tell us they’ve grown to know and love our team members like family because of our excellent service. Whether your needs are focused on your heating, air conditioning, ductwork, or even plumbing services, the home service experts at Hans are highly trained and have the experience to provide quality services in Montgomery, AL

Accuracy, Honesty, and Integrity

Our step-by-step methodology and ingrained process that our techs rely upon for your heating services and cooling services, repairs, and installations ensure that they will be able to accurately and efficiently detect your system malfunction, as well as provide the appropriate solution. Because of our checks-and-balances system, we guarantee that you will never be misled on your heating and air conditioning repairs. In an industry that’s somewhat notorious for misleading customers, Hans Heating & Air stands apart from the rest.

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At Hans Heating and Air, you get Montgomery, Alabama’s highest-ranked service provider with 24-hour repair service and no overtime charges. Plus, instead of other heating and air conditioning companies’ 30-day repair warranty, we give you a 3-year repair warranty. Make an appointment with Hans Heating and Air today.