Don’t Forget about Your Heat Pump: How Often Does It Need Maintenance?

Heat pumps are a great addition to your Alabama home, as they are a reliable and energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps provide both cooling and heating and are great for the mild winters that we experience here in central Alabama.

Because heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, they run all year long without much of a break. To keep these hard-working HVAC systems running efficiently, we recommend heat pump service twice per year – once in the spring before hot weather arrives and again in the fall before winter.

At Hans Heating & Air, we’re the leading heat pump maintenance and repair company in Montgomery, Alabama. All of our NATE-certified technicians have received extensive training and use only top-class diagnostic equipment when they work on heat pumps. To schedule heat pump repair or maintenance service, contact the friendly technicians at Hans Heating & Air today.

What Included in a Heat Pump Maintenance?

Just like other HVAC equipment, your heat pump needs regular maintenance for it to perform at optimal efficiency. Make sure to change your heat pump’s filter once per month or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Dirty air filters decrease system performance, reduce airflow and can damage the compressor.

According to, a heat pump inspection should include:

  • Checking for refrigerant leaks
  • Verifying correct refrigerant charge by measurement
  • Diagnosing and sealing duct leakage
  • Inspecting belts for tightness and wear
  • Lubricating motors
  • Verifying adequate airflow
  • Inspecting electrical terminals
  • Verifying correct thermostat operation
  • Inspecting filters, ducts, blower and the indoor coil for dirt and other debris
  • Verifying correct electric control
  • Cleaning and tightening connections

Benefits of a Heat Pump Tune Up

With regular tune ups, your heat pump will thank you by performing efficiently all year long with fewer chances of breaking down. Some of the benefits of regular heat pump maintenance include:

Increased energy efficiency

Heats pumps are extremely efficient at converting energy to heat. Heat pumps that are regularly maintained reduce energy consumption by as much as 10 to 25% compared to severely neglected heat pumps. In general, pumps are more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Cost savings

A decrease in energy consumption has a direct impact on your monthly energy bills. With a heat pump, you can save up to $75 a month on your energy bill compared to a traditional heating and cooling system.

Heat pumps provide cooling and heating

As previously mentioned, heat pumps work great all year long by providing both heating and cooling for your Montgomery area home. Heat pumps are especially ideal for Alabama because of our mild winters. They operate great in cold weather down to about 32 degrees. You may want to consider a supplemental source of heat, such as an electric resistance heat strip, in case the weather does dip below freezing in the winter.

Reliability and quiet performance

Heat pumps provide both comfort and a quiet performance. Many heat pumps run at around 40 to 60 decibels, which is lower than a dishwasher and air conditioner system.

Heat pumps are also quite reliable and rarely break down, especially with proper maintenance.

Improved air quality

Heat pumps can dehumidify homes just like AC systems. Heat pumps can also improve indoor air quality through air filtration. A heat pump’s air filtration system filters out allergens and other harmful particles and contaminants.

Contact Hans for Heat Pump Maintenance

Let Hans Heating & Air be your one-stop shop for all of your heat pump service needs, including tune ups, repairs and installation. When you schedule a heat pump maintenance service with Hans, you’ll receive the utmost respect, enthusiasm, honesty and professionalism from our technicians. If you have any heating and cooling questions, contact Hans today.

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