How to Fix a Cold Room Within Your Home

When certain areas of your home aren’t as warm as others, it’s easy to notice. Cold spots in various rooms can pop up throughout the winter due to various problems, ultimately causing occupants to feel uncomfortable and leading to energy waste as you desperately try to get the temperature up in that space! Eliminate the worry this season, as Hans Heating & Air explains how to fix a cold room as well as what could’ve caused the cold spot in the first place.

Causes of Cold Spots in the House

Before you can effectively fix a cold room in your home, you need to uncover what is causing the cold spot to begin with. Cold rooms can arise as a result of various issues around the house, typically involving some part of the HVAC system or the home’s construction. Here’s a look at the common causes behind those bothersome cold spots you feel:

  • Leaky ductwork and disconnected air ducts move the heated air into unconditioned spaces where it’s wasted. This draws cold air into your house and circulates onto your living areas. 
  • Air leaks in the area cause your living space to lose the heat generated by your heating system and leak cool air from outside back into the room. 
  • New room additions and newly converted spaces add to the home’s heating load. This can contribute to a temperature imbalance throughout your new room if proper upgrades weren’t made to the heating system to accommodate this increased need for heat.
  • Blocked or closed air vents are still being shared as a way to cut heating bills, but in reality, they disrupt heat distribution and circulation throughout the home, leading to cold spots.
  • A clogged furnace air filter creates a barrier that restricts air movement throughout your home and HVAC system. While your furnace will work harder to force air through and get it where it needs to go, reduced airflow inside living areas is typically a result. Replacing your air filter with a clean filter is a smart idea, not only to promote airflow but to also maintain indoor air quality. 
  • If your heating system is too large for your living area, uneven temperatures will be common throughout every room in your house as the system rapidly increases temperatures in areas close to the unit. The heating cycle stops prematurely, leaving areas farther from the unit without warm air. 

How to Fix a Cold Room

If you can pinpoint the cause of your cold spot, you have a good starting point when it comes to how to fix a cold room.  Depending on the source, these are appropriate techniques for how to fix a cold room in your home:

  • Have a heating and cooling professional perform duct sealing services to fix leaky ductwork and patch holes that let warm air escape the duct system. Duct sealing can reduce energy waste by 20 to 30 percent right off the bat, as most homes are projected to have notable duct leakage.
  • Seal air leaks in your house. Common spots for air leaks in a home include the interior walls around window and door frames, exterior wall penetrations, attic access doors, spaces between floors and floor joists, uninsulated electrical boxes,  and foundation cracks. Use caulk, apply weatherstripping around doors, and install an insulation board or bat, depending on the nature of the leak. Check your attic for poor insulation. Adding new insulation can help prevent additional heat loss. 
  • Inspect all the heating vents throughout your house. Make sure each one is open and unblocked. If your vent covers are sticking, clean and repair the cover or replace it. Keep doors open throughout the house to increase air circulation. 
  • Check your furnace filter monthly throughout the winter so you can see if it’s time to replace it. Always replace your filter when it’s full so that it does not obstruct airflow.
  • Correct problematic heating system equipment with help from a professional. If you’ve expanded the living area under your roof but have not expanded your heating system, now is the time to do so. If your heating system is too big for the house, replace it with a new unit that is correctly sized for the space.

Solving Cold Spots in Montgomery, AL

Fixing a cold room doesn’t seem so complicated once you understand what could be causing your cold spots in the first place. Hans Heating & Air performs professional duct sealing services and heating system installation to help you eliminate underlying causes of cold spots that trace back to your home’s HVAC system. Call us today to make an appointment for service.

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