How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

The air within a Montgomery, AL area home is usually far more polluted than most people realize – air pollution is typically greater indoors than outside! With so much of our time spent inside, we need to take action to reduce exposure to air pollutants for continued health and comfort. If you want to know how to improve the indoor air quality in your home, Hans Heating and Air is here to share how.

1. HVAC Maintenance

First off, maintaining your heating and cooling systems can significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality. With a professional tune up each year for both systems, professionals ensure all components are functioning correctly and without errors that can contribute to increased indoor air pollutants.

In addition to professional maintenance services, homeowners must do their parts to keep maintenance going between visits. Air filter changes are needed throughout the year, more often in homes with people who are sensitive to certain allergens or who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues. You’ll know your filter needs changed if you inspect it every month – once the surface is completely full of matter, you’re due for a new filter.

2. Stay on Top of HVAC Repairs and Replacement

Faulty HVAC components can cause new air quality issues or contribute to existing ones. An issue such as a cracked heat exchanger could lead to your family being exposed to deadly carbon monoxide while relaxing in the house. An older furnace may have an ignition system that isn’t fully combusting gas or a damaged flue that sends exhaust fumes into the home instead of outside.

Repairs and replacement for faulty and underperforming heating systems should never be put off, as they are critical towards improving indoor air quality in your home. In fact, these serious issues are worthy of an emergency service call. You’ll know it’s time to request professional help if you notice physical symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure indoors or performance problems from your heating system.

3. Duct Cleaning

All the air that passes through your heating and cooling units also passes through your home’s ducts. The particles not trapped by your system’s filter have an opportunity to fall out and settle in the ducts as conditioned air travels from the unit to the living areas. Contaminants can pile up in the ducts and recirculate into the home as air movement pushes particles back airborne. Removing this matter is one important step for improving indoor air quality.

Duct cleaning removes all kinds of pollutants hiding in your duct system that can contribute to poor indoor air quality, from dirt to mold growth. Most homeowners will want to schedule this service every three to five years. If someone in your household is sensitive to allergens or certain pollutants, it can be helpful to have the ducts cleaned more often.

4. Install Air Quality Equipment

There are several types of indoor air quality equipment that are designed to work alongside home heating and air conditioning systems to provide targeted help with specific air quality issues. Depending on the air pollution problems plaguing your home, you may want to consider one or more of the following solutions that will help you create healthy indoor air quality:

  • Moisture issues can increase allergy symptoms and instances of illnesses, among other problems. Whole home humidifiers and dehumidifiers add or remove moisture, respectively, from the air to keep relative humidity levels perfectly balanced.
  • Media air cleaners offer advanced filtration to further the removal of particle pollutants from your indoor air supply. These efficient filters catch more of the matter your system’s standard filter misses to assist with indoor air quality problems your home might currently have.

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