How to Tell If Air Ducts Are Leaking?

Leaks in your home’s ductwork could be causing you to lose around 20 to 30 percent of your heating and cooling energy before it ever reaches your living spaces! Duct leaks can be difficult to detect as ducts are hidden away from sight. Hans Heating and Air explains how to tell if air ducts are leaking in your home so you know when to call for duct sealing services.

Signs Your Air Ducts Are Leaking

Because you cannot easily see all portions of your duct system, you need to know the signs your air ducts are leaking. This is what you should watch out for in your home:

1. Uneven Temperatures Across the House

All areas of your home should be kept at the same temperature unless you are using a special zoning system. If some areas of your home feel warm while others are cool, this is a top sign your air ducts are leaking. When a home’s ductwork system is well designed and in good condition, equal heating and cooling should be routed to every area of the house.

2. High Energy Bills

From one year to the next, a household’s energy costs should remain fairly consistent, barring any obvious changes that would increase energy use, such as more family members in the house, new appliances, or more or less time spent at home. When your energy bill spikes but you cannot pinpoint a clear and obvious cause, your home may have leaky air ducts. Air duct leaks cause energy losses that force your heating and cooling equipment to use more energy to make up for the loss and keep indoor conditions comfortable to your liking.

3. More Dust in the Home

Does it seem like dust accumulates faster on surfaces throughout your home? Do you find yourself cleaning and dusting more often yet things never seem to stay clean for very long? Excess dust is one way to determine if you have leaking air ducts, as leaks allow dust and debris from spots like your attic to enter the airstream and make their way into your living areas, where they eventually end up settling on your surfaces.

4. Your Ducts Are Older

While heating and cooling systems are replaced every 10 to 20 years on average, often the ducts are left alone – even though they should be replaced, too. Ductwork is meant to last 20 to 25 years at maximum, and once the ducts reach about 15 years of age, they have likely deteriorated to the point that they are riddled with air leaks. The age of your ductwork is one easy way to determine if air ducts are leaking – if they’re older, it’s a safe bet that leaks are present.

5. Your HVAC System Runs Longer

Does it seem like your heating and cooling system struggles to keep your home comfortable? Is its cycles longer than they once were, yet it’s still difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures in your living areas? If so, this comfort issue may be caused by duct leaks. As energy is lost through the leaks, your heating and cooling equipment must work overtime to replace the lost conditioned air.

Solve Duct Air Leak Issues Today

Determining if your air ducts are leaking isn’t as straightforward as taking a peek at the ductwork and looking for holes. Instead, you need to be aware of the subtle changes leaky ducts can produce in your home. If you notice the signs of leaking ducts in your Montgomery area home, call Hans Heating and Air today to request an appointment for professional duct sealing services with one of our heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality specialists.

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