Air Conditioning Repair in Lake Martin, AL

Air Conditioning Repair in Lake Martin, AL

Lake Martin AL Air Conditioning Repair

Lake Martin, AL is not a place you want to be without a reliable air conditioner. Summers can be so humid, you can almost see the moisture in the air. You might be putting off air conditioning repairs because you’re worried about the expense, or maybe you’re hoping that it will start working properly on its own again. However, air conditioners don’t just fix themselves; in fact, once a problem develops, it often creates a domino effect that causes other problems within the system. All of these problems can add up to a complete system failure, which can result in a much more expensive repair bill or a complete system replacement.

When your air conditioning system is making your home insufferable to live in, call the team at Hans Heating and Air for conditioning repair in Lake Martin, AL. Our team can quickly troubleshoot and solve your AC problems quickly to restore comfort to your home.

What are the Benefits of Repairing Your Air Conditioner? 

Repairing your air conditioner in a timely manner is a form of maintenance. Air conditioners that are well taken care of can last 15 or more years. A system that is neglected, though, may need to be replaced sooner, which can be very costly. When your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, it’s best to make repairs quickly for a number of reasons:

  • Lowering energy bills
  • Increasing the lifespan of your cooling system
  • Improving your home’s air quality
  • Decreasing the chance of complete breakdowns and expensive repairs
  • Providing greater indoor comfort by keeping your house as cool as possible
  • Protecting your family and pets from harm

Air Conditioning Problems That Need To Be Addressed Quickly

Air conditioning issues can range from having no cool air to high energy bills. No two air conditioners experience the same symptoms, and the repairs they need could be very different. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s a smart idea to call Hans for air conditioning repair services. 

Your Unit is Leaking

Sometimes the leaks are water, and other times they could be refrigerant. Leaks can cause your home to suffer from comfort issues or terrible odors. Regardless of what is leaking from your HVAC system, you should have it addressed by a professional technician. 

No Cool Air

If your home is hot when it shouldn’t be, put your hand on the vent to see if any air is flowing. If the airflow is low, change out your air filter with a new one to see if that helps restore the airflow in your home. If there is no airflow at all, make sure the system is receiving power at the thermostat and circuit breaker. If your vents are blowing hot air, this is often a sign of a refrigerant leak. 

Strange Odors or Noises

Noises and odors when your air conditioner is running should not be ignored. Odors can be hazardous to your health and can cause damage to your system if ignored for too long. A musty smell often indicates mold growth in your HVAC system, and burning smells can point to electrical issues. Loud or rattling noises coming from the cooling unit often indicate loose parts or broken components. When you smell something strange or hear noises coming from your air conditioner, turn it off and do not turn it back on until they are addressed. 

Rising Energy Costs

If your energy bills are increasing uncontrollably without any changes in AC operation, this could be a sign that your air conditioning unit is using much more energy than is necessary. Many times, repairs from a certified HVAC technician can restore your energy bills to lower price points. 

Trust Hans for All Your Air Conditioning Services

Hans is a trusted HVAC company throughout the Montgomery, AL area including Lake Martin. Our team of technicians is certified and experienced in all air conditioning services to provide the best support to our customers. Even if your air conditioning system is running fine, you can still rely on us to make sure that your system runs for as long as possible.

24-Hour Repair Service

When you need air conditioning repairs fast, call on the team at Hans. We provide emergency repairs throughout the Lake Martin, AL area. Being without air conditioning on a hot summer day is an emergency. Don’t risk it; call us for help right away. 

AC Maintenance

To ensure that your system works properly throughout the summer, talk to Hans about air conditioning tune-up. A tune-up every year can keep your system running smoothly, lower the likelihood of breakdowns, and keep your indoor air quality high. 

AC Installation

Eventually, you will need a new air conditioner, and you can count on Hans for a comprehensive estimate on a new unit with installation.

Call Hans For The Best Air Conditioner Repair Services in Lake Martin, AL

See why so many of our neighbors and friends in Lake Martin count on Hans when their air conditioners break down. We are quick to respond so our customers don’t have to suffer in the heat and humidity for too long. Call Hans today to schedule your air conditioning repair appointment.