Heat Pump Repair in Millbrook, AL

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Heat pumps are one of the best heating and cooling systems that can provide comfort to your home throughout the year. Heat pumps source air from the outside of your home and provide both heating and cooling capabilities. HVAC systems are like cars, you can’t expect your car to run perfectly for 10 years without any oil changes and repairs. The same is true for your heat pump. It will occasionally need a tune up and repairs now and again. When your heat pump isn’t providing the heat and air you expect it to, call Hans Heating and Air for heat pump repair services in Millbrook, Alabama. We can provide HVAC services to make sure your heat pumps are up and running for the Summer and Winter seasons!

Common Heat Pump Problems

Like any heating system and cooling system, heat pumps will eventually face problems that will require expert repair. Below are some signs that your system is in need of heating and air conditioning repair. It’s important to get the help of a professional maintenance technician as soon as possible if you notice the following:

Excessive Noise

It’s normal for your heat pump unit to make non-intrusive noises like a low humming sound. This indicates your unit is getting ready to work or is defrosting itself. A low buzzing noise coming from your unit heat coil is also normal. However, excessive noise such as rattling sounds can indicate the need for maintenance. Clanking or rattling can indicate repairs are needed for your motor or heat pump fans.

High Energy Bills

Heat pumps can save you money on energy bills if they are operating properly. However, if you notice costly bills, this indicates your heating and cooling systems are taking up more energy than necessary to function. This can be due to a number of reasons, including clogged air filters, thermostat wiring errors, and even drafts coming from your windows. Only a heating air conditioning service technician will be able to determine why your costs are so high. If they are due to a malfunctioning heat pump, they will give you the best options for repair or new installation.

Ice Forming Inside Unit

In colder climates, it’s possible for ice to form inside of the top unit or inner coil. Your heat pump should defrost itself from time to time. However, clogged filters and restricted airflow can cause your outdoor unit to ice over. Contact a heat pump service immediately so they can help get rid of debris and ice build-up in your HVAC system.

Short Cycling

If your heat pump continues to shut off and turn on before heating or cooling your home to the appropriate temperature, this is known as short cycling. This commonly occurs if your heat pump is the wrong size for your home. Heat pumps that are too large or too small make it impossible for your system to properly control your home’s temperature. Clogged filters and ducts are also common causes of HVAC short-cycling. Short cycling indicates overhearing, meaning your unit is using more energy than necessary to power itself. Short cycling, if ignored for too long can cause extensive damage to your heat pump, so you’ll want to call for heat pump services in Millbrook, Al right away if you notice this is happening.

Poor Temperature Control

If your Millbrook AL home is constantly suffering from cold air or hot air blowing from your heat pump, this indicates poor temperature control. Running your heating and air conditioner for long periods to obtain the desired temperature is never a good idea. Constantly changing your thermostat is also not necessary, and indicates you are in need of repairs.

Do I Need To Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

Making the decision to replace or repair your heat pumps is never easy. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with how your system works. Fortunately, there are simple ways to tell whether you need to repair or replace your heat pumps.

It’s Better To Repair Your Heat Pump If…

If you recently installed a new system that is malfunctioning, it’s better to initiate heating repairs rather than replace your unit. If your heating and cooling system has a warranty or has not had any previous issues, this is also a good sign to repair your system instead of replacing it. A service technician in Millbrook Al from Hans Heating and Air will inform you of whether or not your heating air conditioning system is in need of repairs due to major components malfunctioning.

It’s Better To Replace Your Heat Pump If…

If your service technician informs you that your heat pump needs major components replaced, this is a sign to invest in a new installation. Replacements are also necessary for a heating and cooling system that is over 10 years old. Although proper maintenance can extend the life of your system, failing to conduct regular maintenance can lower the life expectancy of your unit. Speak with your HVAC professional technician to discuss your options. If you’ve been experiencing a large number of repairs, the HVAC company might recommend a full replacement.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

To ensure your heating and cooling system continues to run as efficiently as possible, it’s best to get the help of an HVAC company as soon as issues arise. Whether you hear strange noises, smell burning coming from your HVAC system, or are unable to operate your system, these are all problems that should be taken seriously. At Hans Heating and Air, we offer same-day 24/7 service with no overtime charges! When you compare quotes for cooling services and heating services, you’ll find Hans comes out on top. Central Alabama can experience hot, humid summers. Make sure your family stays cool this summer by calling Hans for emergency heat pump repair service whenever you need it.

Call Hans Heating and Air For Heat Pump Repair Services in Millbrook, AL

Millbrook AL homeowners have access to some of the best cooling services and heating services around. From tune ups to emergency repairs and installation, Hans Heating and Air makes it our mission to provide superior service and address your heating and AC problems in a timely fashion. Call us today and schedule an appointment to experience better service!