How Can I Reduce Heating Costs in My Home?

One topic on the minds of many Alabama homeowners every winter is how to reduce heating costs. No one enjoys paying higher utility bills over the winter months, but not everyone has it within their budget to install new energy efficient heating equipment to slash those costs. 

Hans Heating and Air shares several affordable ways to reduce heating costs in your home. For the HVAC services you need to improve household energy efficiency, give us a call today!

HVAC Improvements that Lower Heating Bills

  • Replace your manual thermostat with a new programmable or smart thermostat. This technology helps you better control heating energy use and lower heating costs. 
  • Seal duct leaks to retain more heating energy and cut utility bills. Up to 30 percent of HVAC energy is lost through duct leaks, which means your heating system works harder to make up for that loss, expending more energy.
  • Insulate ductwork to help your ducts retain even more energy. This is especially helpful for ducts that run through unconditioned areas of the house, like the attic or crawlspace. When surrounded by cold air, they lose heat on contact.
  • Add a whole home humidifier to keep relative humidity levels balanced. Proper humidity helps your body feel warmer at slightly lower temperatures so you are able to turn down your thermostat and save comfortably.

HVAC Tips for Energy Savings

  • Replace dirty furnace filters to improve airflow through your heating system into your living areas. A clean filter reduces resistance so the furnace or air handler doesn’t have to use as much energy to circulate air. Check your filter monthly during the winter, and change it once it becomes covered in debris.
  • Set your thermostat back to save energy this winter. Keep the house at 68 degrees when occupied and awake, and dial back the thermostat when asleep or away. For every degree you set back your thermostat for 8 hours or more, you are able to lower energy bills 1 percent!
  • If your home uses radiator or baseboard heating, keep these units clean. When dust settles on the equipment, it insulates heat, keeping it within instead of emitting it to your living areas.
  • Make sure your vents and radiators (if applicable) are clear. Remove any carpet, rugs, furniture and other items over or in front of them so warm air is able to freely circulate into your home.
  • Use your ceiling fans to better circulate warm air toward your body. With a fan rotating clockwise in winter, warm air that gathers at the ceiling is pushed back down where it benefits you. Always turn ceiling fans off when you leave the room.

Home Improvement Tips for Better Efficiency

  • Seal air leaks throughout your home to keep warm air in and cold air out. Locate leaks around window and door frames, exterior wall penetrations, electrical outlets, attic hatches and more. Seal them using spray foam insulation, caulking, or weatherstripping.
  • Add insulation in your basement and attic to help your living spaces retain more heat. Lay insulation batts between floor and ceiling joists, or use blown-in insulation to increase R-values and save energy.
  • Install plastic sheeting over windows during the winter months. Doing so reduces heat loss when warm air comes into contact with the cold glass panes.

More Tips to Reduce Heating Costs

  • When your fireplace is not in use, keep the flue shut. When it’s opened and there is no fire, warm air is able to escape the house.
  • Take advantage of solar energy and keep window coverings open during the day for your south-facing windows. Keep window coverings closed on all windows after dark to insulate the window area and prevent heat loss.
  • Keep doors shut to help your rooms retain heat produced within. When a room is occupied, shutting the door can make it warmer because the room retains body heat, heat from appliances and heat produced from electronics.

Start Saving with Hans!

Take action on these items today to reduce heating costs this winter and beyond! Hans Heating and Air provides the HVAC services you need to improve heating efficiency of your existing HVAC equipment. Contact us today to schedule service.

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