What Are the Most Common Thermostat Issues?

Are you experiencing issues with your thermostat not turning on the heating and cooling system in your Montgomery area home? Whether it is a digital or analog thermostat, there can be many reasons for a faulty thermostat. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common thermostat issues and what you can do to fix them yourself. If you find that the issue persists or that you need help from an HVAC system professional, call Hans Heating and Air for thermostat repair in the Montgomery, AL area.

Low/Dead Batteries

Most modern thermostats are powered by batteries, so if you’re experiencing an issue with your thermostat not turning your furnace or air conditioner on it could simply be due to low or dead batteries. To check the battery level in your thermostat, open up the front panel and look inside the battery compartment. Replace any old batteries immediately, usually with two AA batteries. If your thermostat still isn’t working after replacing the batteries, then it may be time to call a professional for assistance.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is another common cause of a thermostat not turning on HVAC systems. To check for faulty wiring, look at each wire connected to your device and make sure they all look healthy—no fraying or exposed wires should be present. If any wires are damaged, then they need to be replaced immediately; otherwise, they can create dangerous situations like short-circuiting or overheating. Additionally, incorrect wiring could also lead to an incorrect thermostat installation of your device. In this case, contact a professional HVAC technician who can properly install and configure your device according to safety standards.

Incorrect Settings

Sometimes users forget that their settings were changed when attempting repairs themselves and forget how they set their device before trying to fix it! If you think that an incorrect thermostat setting might be the case for you – double-check the setting before calling a repairman! For example – you’ve recently installed a new programmable thermostat or smart thermostat and the actual room temperature does not match the temperature setting on your thermostat, it may be because you haven’t programmed it correctly yet. Make sure all of your settings match up with what was previously programmed beforehand – if something is off – adjust accordingly!

Poor Thermostat Location

If a thermostat is located in an area of your home that is too hot or too cold, the readings will not be accurate and the thermostat will not be able to effectively reach your desired temperature. Thermostats should be installed in an area of your home away from direct sunlight and drafty windows, and in a location that is representative of the temperature of the entire house.

No Power to HVAC System

If the power supply has been disconnected from your air conditioner or furnace or there’s a blown fuse, this may be the root cause of your problem. The best method of troubleshooting power source issues in heating and cooling systems would be to first check any circuit breaker switches that may control your air conditioning or furnace. If you find a tripped breaker switch, make sure to reset it. Also check the power switches on the HVAC equipment, usually located on the exterior cabinet or a nearby wall. If none of these steps resolve the issue, then you may require an inspection from an HVAC professional to diagnose and repair any mechanical faults which may exist.

Get Help with Thermostat Issues

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause major problems for homeowners in the Montgomery area homes and beyond, especially if you have a thermostat not turning on your heating and cooling system. Fortunately, many times these thermostat problems can be solved by troubleshooting yourself before calling in an expert technician from Hans Heating and Air for convenient service in Montgomery area homes. Other times, however, more complex repairs may need to take place in order to get things back up and running again as quickly as possible – so don’t hesitate to reach out when needed! Good luck tackling those pesky, thermostat problems and issues!

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