What Are the Most Common Commercial HVAC Problems?

Commercial HVAC systems play a critical role in the overall health and success of your business. Skipping regular maintenance or avoiding making timely repairs can lead to a catastrophic breakdown that results in decreased productivity and a loss of business.

Oftentimes, commercial heating and cooling systems can still operate when they need repair, albeit inefficiently. In our most recent blog, our technicians at Hans Heating and Air discuss some common signs of commercial HVAC problems so you’ll know when to contact a reputable HVAC company to make the appropriate repair. For all of your commercial HVAC needs, contact Hans today.

Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Service

Some of the most common commercial HVAC problems our technicians see include:

Lack of Maintenance

Neglected maintenance is a leading cause of commercial HVAC system issues. Dirty filters, clogged coils, and debris buildup can hinder system efficiency and cause malfunctions. It’s important to schedule maintenance for your commercial system twice a year, once before the cooling season begins and again before the heating season.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is the “brain” of your commercial HVAC unit. When it begins to act up, it can affect the overall functioning and efficiency of your entire commercial heating and cooling system. Faulty or improperly calibrated thermostats can lead to temperature inconsistencies or incorrect readings, increasing energy consumption and leading to comfort issues.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak can result in reduced cooling capacity and higher energy costs as your system stays on longer to reach the set temperature. Refrigerant leaks require prompt attention by a certified HVAC technician as it can lead to more significant problems and environmental concerns.

Electrical Problems

Faulty wiring, worn-out electrical components, or issues with capacitors, relays, or contactors can disrupt the operation of your heating and air conditioner system and even lead to system failure.

Airflow Problems

Inadequate airflow can be caused by several different issues including blocked or dirty air vents, duct leaks, clogged air filters, dirty evaporator coils, or fan malfunctions. All of these issues can hinder your HVAC system’s performance, resulting in uneven cooling or heating, reduced efficiency, and increased energy bills.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is a critical component of all commercial HVAC systems as it is responsible for circulating refrigerant. Problems such as motor failure, electrical issues, or refrigerant imbalances can impact the cooling capacity and overall operation of the system.

Condensate Drainage Problems

Aside from cooling your building during the summer, commercial heating and air conditioners are also tasked with balancing humidity levels by pulling excess moisture from the air and collecting it in a drain pan. If the condensate drain line gets clogged or damaged, it can lead to water leaks, system shutdowns, and potential water damage to the building. Our technicians can unclog HVAC drain lines to prevent water leaks.

Strange Noises or Vibrations

Unusual sounds like rattling, grinding, banging, or excessive vibrations, can indicate mechanical issues or loose or broken components within the HVAC system that require inspection and repair.

Aging or Inefficient Equipment

Over time, commercial systems may become less efficient or suffer from general wear and tear, resulting in reduced performance, higher energy consumption, and increased likelihood of breakdowns. If your commercial HVAC equipment is over 15 years old, it may be time to consider replacement service.

Enroll in a Commercial HVAC Agreement with Hans

The easiest way to prevent issues with your commercial heating and air conditioning system is through regular maintenance service. During a commercial HVAC maintenance visit, our technicians will inspect, calibrate, and clean all necessary components. We’ll also look for any minor issues and recommend the needed repairs before they lead to bigger, more expensive problems in the future.

Busy commercial business owners often forget to schedule regular maintenance appointments. That’s why we created our Express Comfort Club Membership. Aside from a discount on regular tune-ups, you’ll receive extended warranties on parts and labor, a 15% discount on immediate and future repairs, same-day priority service, and much more! Contact our team at Hans today to learn more about enrolling in a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.

Contact Hans for Commercial HVAC Service

The success of your business relies on a properly functioning HVAC system. If a sudden breakdown occurs, you may be forced to shut down as repairs are made, which can negatively impact your business’s bottom line. For all of your commercial HVAC service needs, contact Hans Heating and Air today.

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