What Can You Do Before Calling Someone to Service Your System?

We’ll start by saying that we recommend routine maintenance—tune-ups—once in the spring, once in the fall—as routine maintenance is far less expensive for you than emergency repairs. You should also be aware that HVAC systems are complicated networks of machinery that should be serviced by a certified professional. However, if your HVAC system seems to be malfunctioning, you can try a few basic steps prior to calling a service professional, which may correct your problem. If you do not feel comfortable performing any of these tasks, or you would like an HVAC specialist to check your unit, Hans Heating and Air provides premiere customer service, highly skilled professionals, and a same-day service guarantee. Call 834.HANS (4267) or click here.

If you’d like to “give it a go” before seeking professional help, here’s a basic checklist:

Disconnect and reconnect your indoor and outdoor switches.
Make sure your circuit breakers are in the ON position.
Make sure your filters are clean.
Open supply and return vents and make sure they are unobstructed.
Check the settings on your thermostat.
Make sure the system switch is on the appropriate COOL or HEAT setting.

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