When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your HVAC System?

Heating and cooling equipment doesn’t last forever – just like other appliances in your Montgomery, AL area home. Replacement is necessary once the units reach the end of their useful service life. It’s better to plan ahead and replace your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump at an ideal time to avoid a wait as well as a loss of service.

Like buying a car or some other large appliances, it’s good to know when is the best time of the year to replace your HVAC system. Sometimes you can track dips in pricing at certain times of the year, or sales around specific holidays. Hans Heating and Air share when to plan for these upgrades and why it’s best to do so at a certain time.

Spring – The Best Time of Year to Replace HVAC Units

If you’re due to install a new air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or another type of HVAC unit, spring is the best time of year to replace HVAC equipment! Typically, anytime from March to early May will be the ideal time to schedule these upgrades in your home.

Why is spring the best time of year to replace HVAC units? There are a few important reasons why we recommend this. The mild temperatures during these months when you’ve turned off your heat and haven’t turned on your air conditioning yet make it a good time of year to be without your HVAC systems for the time being.

  • From the beginning of spring to late spring is typically the “off-season” for HVAC professionals. Mild temperatures during this time of year mean heating and cooling systems aren’t seeing much use and collectively homeowners aren’t experiencing many troubles with their existing equipment. HVAC professionals aren’t usually backed up with service calls during these months, making spring the ideal time to plan for larger jobs such as installing HVAC units.
  • Because this period is typically the off-season in the HVAC industry, you may be able to score a better deal on making these large home improvements. HVAC companies may offer special lower HVAC systems prices in order to generate work to keep busy during a time that is traditionally slow. This is especially true of heating system upgrades, as furnaces aren’t in high demand this time of year and companies may be willing to offer bigger discounts to those interested in replacing heating equipment in spring.
  • This is also the best time of year to replace HVAC system because doing so in spring ensures your new equipment is installed and ready for use once warm weather does arrive. Replacing HVAC system in spring provides your family with a reliable new air conditioning system just in time for the hot summer months. And once winter arrives, your new HVAC system will be ready and waiting to provide the heat you need. Plus, you can start enjoying lower energy bills as soon as the heating or cooling season does arrive!
  • Another reason why you want to take advantage of completing this project in spring is to eliminate the possibility of no heating or cooling while the work is performed. When you replace HVAC systems in spring, outdoor temperatures are typically mild enough that you wouldn’t be running your air conditioner or furnace anyway. You can easily go without using this equipment for a day or two to while installing HVAC units takes place. If you waited until summer, late fall, or even winter to make new HVAC system upgrades, your household would be stuck without heating or cooling for the installation period. This can create a very uncomfortable few days for your family.

Schedule HVAC System Replacement at the Right Time

There are many reasons why spring is the best time of year to replace HVAC equipment! It’s important to buy your new HVAC system through reputable HVAC companies and have them do the installation as well. This ensures that your new system’s warranty is held up to keep repairs in the future affordable. Take advantage of the convenience that comes with making heating and cooling upgrades this time of year and contact Hans Heating and Air today for an estimate on a new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump for your Montgomery, AL home.

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