The Importance of a Home’s Ductwork

Cooling and heating systems, like heat pumps and central ACs, rely on ductwork to move conditioned air from the HVAC equipment throughout the home and back again. Duct systems need to be properly balanced to deliver the right amount of heating and cooling to each area and properly sealed to retain energy and keep air clean.

Problems with the duct system cause significant energy loss, diminished indoor air quality, and uneven comfort throughout the home. These problems may be caused by poor duct system design upon initial installation as well as issues that occur over time, such as damaged duct sections, disconnections, and openings in the system.

Common Ductwork Problems We Help Resolve

As your Montgomery, Alabama ductwork expert, Hans Heating and Air is well-versed in the challenges area homeowners experience with their ducts. The ductwork services we offer deliver effective solutions for these common duct issues:

  • Leaky Ducts: Over time, the seals in a duct system can weaken due to the constant air pressure moving through the system. Pests may also cause openings in the ducts. Leaks form, which allow conditioned air to spill out of the ducts before it reaches the intended living area. These leaks also allow contaminants to infiltrate the duct system. Homeowners with leaky ducts typically experience higher energy bills, uneven comfort throughout the home, not enough heating and cooling in certain areas, as well as poor indoor air quality.
  • Uninsulated Ducts: Without insulation, a noticeable amount of heating and cooling energy can be lost as conditioned air flows from HVAC equipment into the home’s living areas. Homeowners may need to run their heating and cooling systems longer to achieve proper temperatures inside the home.
  • Unbalanced Ducts: When ducts are unbalanced, areas of the home do not receive adequate delivery of heated and cooled air from the HVAC equipment. This causes some areas of the home to maintain comfortable temperatures while the areas affected by unbalanced ducts struggle to achieve enough heating and cooling.
  • Blocked or Dirty Ducts: Blockages in the duct system prevents air movement through the ducts and into the living area they serve. A lack of heating and cooling in a particular area of the home is a sign of a possible duct blockage. Ducts accumulate dirt and debris as air circulates through, depositing filth in the process. Dirt can be picked back up by moving air and carried into the home. Poor indoor air quality and dirtier household surfaces are signs of dirty ducts.

Best Rated Ductwork and HVAC Contractors in Montgomery

For expert ductwork and HVAC services in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding areas, homeowners turn to Hans Heating and Air! Here’s what some of our residential and commercial customers have to say:

“Awesome service. The seasoned technician walked me through his findings, the root causes and went over options. I received top-notch service and knowledge on general air conditioning systems and how to maintain my unit to prevent any further failures. I highly recommend this company!!!” – Brady S.

“A Top-Notch Organization. 5-Star Professionals who know the importance of operating with nothing less than Excellence!” -Samuel T.

With more than 30 years in the heating and air conditioning industry, Hans Heating and Air delivers superior ductwork services and solutions for area homeowners. As an Auburn University Samaritan Center Business Ethics Award finalist, Montgomery area homeowners trust Hans Heating and Air to serve them with honesty and integrity on every job. Hans Heating and Air is a proud EverRest Group Participating Member.

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