Heating Repair

With Hans Heating & Air’s routine maintenance plan, premium quality products, and specialized equipment installation, the chances of your heater needing 24/7 emergency repairs drastically decreases. That said, your heater is a machine, and, unfortunately, machines break down periodically, especially when they haven’t been used very often. It’s almost like they forget how to operate!

If your heating unit does require 24/7 emergency services, Hans Heating & Air can help. We’ll make sure that your home is covered by quality HVAC system repair and replacement service, regardless of the time or date.

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter. As a Hans Heating & Air customer, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Request an appointment with us today for heat pump and furnace repair services, and find out why our customer service is second to none.

What Should I Do When I Need Home Heating Repair?

When the cooler months arrive, some Montgomery, AL, residents start to wonder: “What is the best heating repair company near me?” Winter can go from chilly to freezing in next to no time, and homeowners want to make sure that their heating system is functional and reliable. For reliable Montgomery, AL, heating and air conditioning service, contact the experts at Hans Heating & Air.

A sudden mishap with your heater would not only be unpleasant, but it can require additional expenses at the worst possible moment. In order to avoid this, you need to have a reputable local HVAC repair contractor on your speed dial. The team at Hans Heating & Air is your go-to, full-service heating repair services company that you can count on for all your residential and commercial heating needs, whether you need dependable HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation.

How Do You Know When to Call a Heating Repair Business?

Giving a phone call to a reliable heating repairs business at the first sign of trouble is usually the best route to take. But there’s also a possibility that you won’t even notice that your utility bill has skyrocketed or that the furnace, heat pump, or boiler is becoming less efficient than it once was.

Annual maintenance is the only way to be absolutely certain that you’re always one step ahead and that you don’t need to spend a fortune repairing your heating system in time for winter. However, there are some simple signs to watch out for that can indicate your heater is broken:

No Heat Coming Through Vents

Even though this might be obvious, not feeling heat through your vents does not necessarily mean that the heater is malfunctioning. There might have been a power surge that tripped the circuit breaker. This should be the first place you look.

Make sure the heater is receiving power, and check if the thermostat is correctly set. Once you’ve eliminated these common issues and you’re still not feeling any heat coming from your HVAC system, call on the pros to completely fix your unit. You might be in need of heat pump, boiler, or furnace repair service.

Unexpected Increase in Power Bills

This is typically the number one heating and cooling issue that homeowners will notice first. But you might not know what the problem is right away. If the heater is broken, it will use up more power to achieve the temperature you’ve set your thermostat to. This will show up on your utility bill and is usually a clear sign that something in your heater is not performing to its peak potential.

Your Heater is Making Loud Noises

Heaters today are designed to make little noise while running. If you have a modern heater, any unusual or loud noise could be an indication that there’s something wrong with it. If you notice a clanging noise, the fan belt could be broken. If the heater is producing a rumbling noise, it could be that the unit is overheating. Different noises could indicate different issues with heating and air conditioning units.

Get Comfort Today Or You Don’t Pay!

At Hans Heating and Air, you get this area’s highest ranked service provider with 24-hour repair service, no overtime charges, and our same day service guarantee. Plus, instead of other company’s 30-day repair warranty, we give you a 3-year repair warranty.