Tips for Hiring a Reputable HVAC Company

Hiring an HVAC company often feels like a challenge to homeowners who encounter their first need for a heating and cooling professional. There are many companies in the area that provide HVAC services – how do you know who to call and who you can trust?

Before hiring an HVAC company, learn what to look for to ensure you have the best experience and receive the work you need done correctly.

Traits of a Reputable HVAC Company

As you research HVAC companies, look to see that the companies you consider possess the following:

  • Alabama HVAC License: Alabama requires heat and cooling contractors to hold a state license to perform heating and cooling work for customers. This number should be easy for you to find, as the state requires contractors to display their license number on work vehicles and advertising, including company websites. Verify the contractor’s license number before you call them for an estimate to ensure it is still valid.
  • Insurance: Protect yourself by working with a contractor who holds proper insurance. The contractor should hold general liability as well as workers’ compensation insurance to protect you if damage or injury occurs on your property during a job.
  • Reputation: How long has an HVAC contractor been in business in the area? Have they been recognized by local business groups for their accomplishments and business practices? While a long history in the community isn’t always an indicator of quality, it does show homeowners that the company is not a “fly by night” contractor and is not likely to disappear from the area with your money in hand. See what those in the community have to say about the company by checking online reviews and asking your neighbors – does the company have a good history of resolving disputes or do they ignore customer complaints?

Where to Find Quality HVAC Contractors

A homeowner’s best source when hiring an HVAC company is those they trust. Ask neighbors, as well as friends and family, if they would recommend an HVAC company they’ve worked with. These trusted sources can tell you the good and the bad about the companies they’ve interacted with for work in their own homes.

If you’re new to the area or do not know any area homeowners, assess online reviews with scrutiny to learn more before hiring a heating and air conditioning company. Online review sites are often used as sounding boards when a problem occurs – look to see how the contractor tackles criticisms as well as compliments. Do they respond professionally and work towards resolution, or are complaints ignored?

Tips for Hiring an HVAC Company

Once you’ve narrowed down a short list of heating and cooling contractors to contact, it’s time to call each company. Request an estimate for the work you need done. The company should visit your property and create a written and itemized estimate for you. Beware of a company that only wants to give you a price over the phone, as this is not an accurate way to determine project price because of the unknown variables each home presents.

It’s a good idea to get two or three estimates from different contractors. Before hiring an HVAC company, compare the estimates you receive. Make sure you compare apples to apples, as different HVAC contractors may recommend different types or brands of equipment or suggest different solutions to your issues. Don’t be afraid to call back and ask for details as to why a company has recommended certain equipment or solutions. 

In respect to pricing, don’t let this be the definitive factor when hiring a heating and air conditioning company. The lowest price isn’t always the best value. Instead, consider pricing as well as the other attributes a particular company has to offer, such as emergency service availability, maintenance plans and more – you want to build a relationship with a professional who will be there for you in the future if issues arise, rather than be put through the whole process of hiring an HVAC company again.

Start Your Search with Hans Heating and Air

Hans Heating and Air is a proud member of the Montgomery, Alabama, community, and we work hard to keep our neighbors comfortable. When hiring a company for your heating and cooling system needs, we encourage you to give us a call! We are happy to provide you with a written estimate for work and answer any questions you have.

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