How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

Are you looking for a way to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without breaking the bank? Ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pump systems are becoming increasingly popular options for home cooling. Hans Heating and Air explains how mini split heat pumps work and what kind of benefits they can deliver to your home.

How Does a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Work?

A ductless mini split air conditioner is a type of cooling system that doesn’t require ductwork. Instead, it works via a series of indoor air handlers connected to an outdoor unit. The indoor units transfer heat from your living areas to the outdoor unit in order to lower indoor temperatures. A ductless mini split air conditioning system can be installed to provide cooling in one area or across the entire home!

If you wish to heat your home as well, a ductless mini split heat pump system is a great option. Mini split heat pump systems provide cooling and heating! In the winter, these systems reverse function to move heat indoors and warm your spaces.

Benefits of Using a Mini Split System

  • A major benefit of using ductless systems is that they allow you to customize your comfort level in each room of your house. Everyone can independently adjust the temperature to their liking, without impacting temperatures in other areas of the home. The indoor air handlers come with remote control capabilities, allowing you to easily adjust temperature settings easily!
  • You can also save money on energy costs by only heating or cooling the rooms that are being used. These systems are very efficient, as they do not lose any cold air or warm air through leaks in the ductwork.
  • Ductless systems are easy to install, as they do not require any major renovations to the home. For this reason, a ductless mini split air conditioner or heater is often a great choice for supplemental heating and cooling, heating and cooling areas of the home that didn’t previously have HVAC, and in older homes that do not have existing duct systems.
  • A ductless air conditioner and heater indoor unit is an excellent choice for people with allergies because it does not circulate dust or other allergens through the home like a traditional central air conditioner. If you have pets, a ductless mini split air conditioner can be an ideal choice, as they do not circulate pet hair and dander through the home.
  • Additionally, these systems are generally quieter than traditional air conditioning units and central heaters, making them great for bedrooms and other places where noise can be bothersome.

Gain the Benefits of Going Ductless

Ductless air conditioners and heater systems offer homeowners several advantages over traditional air conditioners and heaters. Not only do they require less installation work, but they’re also more energy efficient and customizable than their alternatives. If you’re looking for an easy way to stay

comfortable throughout all four seasons while lowering costs, investing in a ductless mini-split system may be just what you need! For more information about ductless mini split air conditioner and heater units or to get a quote for installation, call Hans Heating and Air today!

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