Heating Repair in Wetumpka, AL

Does your heating system need immediate repairs? At Hans Heating and Air, we service all makes and models of heating systems and furnaces. Our technicians are experts in the field, trained to do all kinds of repairs on different systems. 

Contact us today to schedule heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL and drastically improve the heating in your home!

Types of Heating Systems Hans Works On in Wetumpka, AL

At Hans, we train our technicians to work on all aspects of HVAC systems, so we can deliver the comprehensive repairs you need to keep your home heated all winter.

Heat Pumps

This kind of system is popular because of its efficiency and quality. Heat pumps are also very quiet compared to most systems. However, there’s no point in upgrading to these efficient systems if they don’t work properly.

We work on heat pumps regularly, with years of experience both installing and repairing these systems. Get in touch with us today for a complete inspection of your pump and advice on how to fix the issue. 


We do work on both gas furnaces and electric furnaces here at Hans. These are another of our most popular services, as many homeowners in Wetumpka have furnaces installed. We work on furnaces every day, so you never have to worry about an inexperienced team servicing your system. Contact us today if you need fast furnace repairs.

Central Heating Systems

These systems are best for bigger homes since they provide heat for several rooms. They also give you the option to heat domestic water from one main source.

If you’re experiencing issues with your central heating, give us a call. We’ll gladly inspect your system and ensure it works properly this winter.


Is your thermostat not displaying the actual temperature in your house? If not, this is a fast repair for our team. Thermostat problems can actually be the root cause of many issues with air conditioning units. We’ll inspect the unit and also take a look at your system’s moving parts to make sure nothing else is wrong.

Ductless Systems

We even do work on ductless systems here at Hans. Ductless air conditioners are also known for their efficiency because they cool your home very fast. If you are having trouble with your ductless air conditioner, contact us to schedule heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL.

Signs Your Wetumpka, AL Heating System Needs Repairs

Not sure if your system needs repairs? Here are a few signs to look for when determining if you need to get your air conditioning worked on.

Unusual Noises

If you hear any unusual noises, you need to have your unit looked at. Today’s air conditioning units are made to be as noiseless as possible, so any loud banging or groaning from inside the system are indications that you need to schedule service.

Strange Smells

Any strange smells coming from your unit are not a good sign. This could be a sign that there is a leak, or it could be a problem with a fan.

Short Cycling

If your unit is short cycling, there could be an issue with your thermostat. If it is not reading the correct temperature in the room, it will turn off before the room is at your desired temperature.

Rising Energy Bills

Has your electric bill gone up recently without an identifiable reason? This could be a problem with your unit’s efficiency. If you notice this issue, contact us to schedule heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL.

Uneven Heating

Have you noticed cold spots in your house? Uneven heating could also be a problem with your thermostat. Make sure you get your unit checked out if you notice this problem.

Thermostat Not Working

As you can probably tell, we work with thermostat issues quite often. If you think you might have a problem with your thermostat, make sure to call us to schedule heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL.

Maintenance Agreements from Hans

We don’t stop at offering the best heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL. We also offer comprehensive maintenance agreements for our loyal customers. These agreements are the best way to keep your air conditioning unit running while keeping the prices low for you and your household.

With maintenance agreements from Hans, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • 15% discount off all services
  • Two seasonal tune-ups for $69
  • Three-year parts and labor guarantee
  • No overtime fees

Contact Hans for Reliable Heating Repair Services in Wetumpka, AL

Here at Hans, we have over 15 years of experience working on HVAC repairs for residents in Wetumpka. We strive to put our customers first by offering quality care at competitive prices.

Contact us today to schedule heating repair services in Wetumpka, AL, and we’ll offer you an unbeatable rate and fast repairs. Schedule service today!